Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra) in Yoga TTC


Sleep is considered the best meditation because it disengages a practitioner from the world and provides refreshment and nourishment to the mind.

Yogic sleep is akin to meditation where you will cultivate regenerative properties of the sleep while consciously entering the sleeping state.

Yogic sleep is a technique of withdrawing, in which distractions of the mind are eliminated due to which mind experiences complete relaxation.

During the process of yogic sleep, you follow the instructions of the teacher to eliminate all of the physical and mental resistances which in turn calms your mind.

Yogic sleep is able to switch your brainwaves from ‘beta’ to ‘alpha’ which calms you down and harmonizes two hemispheres of the brain by inducing effortless concentration.

‘Beta’ brainwaves are active during the awakened state which signifies a lot of brain activity but ‘alpha’ brainwaves are active in a more relaxed state of mind.

When ‘alpha’ waves are active a mood-boosting hormone serotonin is released. Deeper yogic sleep can even activate ‘theta’ brainwaves which is a state of REM sleep or ‘dreaming state’ and is related to creativity.

By diving even deeper into the yogic sleep you can activate ‘delta’ brainwaves which results in complete relaxation of the mind.

In the session of Yogic sleep, you will experience extremely deep relaxation of the nervous system by entering realms of the subconscious mind.

During practice, the experts will give instructions for triggering relaxation in your body so that you cannot be conscious on the sensory level but remain conscious of Yogic sleep.

Then you will be instructed to visualize and make a resolve to ease your mind. After the session, you will build emotional and spiritual strength to reflect inwardly and directly access your problems.

You will have enhanced learning capability and deeper concentration. Yogic sleep is an easily accessible technique which is easy to incorporate in your life regardless of age, gender or health.