Yoga Therapy in Yoga Teacher Training Course


Yoga therapy is a customized and goal-directed program which aims to give definitive results both as a treatment as well as a preventive measure of various ailments.

We now have substantial clinical research evidence to support the old traditional belief of therapeutic property of Yoga. The practice of yoga results in balancing of the nervous and endocrine system which positively influences all of the systems and organs of the body.

Yoga can successfully treat many conditions like depression, anxiety, pain, obesity, autoimmune & immune conditions, cardiovascular diseases etc.

Yoga makes you aware of mind, body and emotion connection which becomes part of your healing process. Each individual has unique needs so the session is tailored accordingly.

During Yoga therapy session a patient plays an active part in his healing process which empowers him by developing a positive mindset. Yoga helps in discovering spiritual strength inside you which helps you in recovering faster.

Yoga actually does not treat a system but balances it which leads you towards health and wellbeing. At Jeevan Yoga, we want to ensure that your healing is permanent, not temporary so our meticulous experts design the programs for every individual separately.

You will have one-to-one interaction with our teachers who will have appropriate understanding of your condition so that they can plan your session most effectively.

We also help people who are looking for addiction recovery. In yogic tradition addiction is seen as an excessive longing which is caused by a disruption in your connection with your own being. We help you replace your object of obsession with the positive and rejuvenating practice of yoga.