Pranayam in Yoga Teacher Training Course


Breathing is extremely important in eastern and mystic traditions where it’s said to be akin to life itself. The function of breathing is controlled by the autonomic nervous system which can be consciously modified with the aid of pranayama.

Pranayama is considered one of the most important limbs of the yoga which opens the doorway of the spiritual life. Your thoughts, as well as functions of the body, are influenced by the breath.

During the practice of pranayama, you inhale and exhale at specific ratios which harmonizes, stimulates and assures smooth flow of the prana. At Jeevan Yoga, you will be trained in various Yogic breathing techniques like Bhramari, Ujjai, Anulom-vilom etc by our distinguished instructors.

The basic principle of the pranayama is the expansion of prana(the vital energy) by controlling the prana itself. Breath is considered the bridge that connects life to the consciousness. When the breath wanders the mind also wanders and when breath settles the mind also settles.

The practice of pranayama results in an extra supply of oxygen, purification of blood and lowering blood pressure. During pranayama, you use your full lung capacity by fully expanding them.

During internal and external ‘kumbhaka’ (breath retention) you retain the rhythm of your body which has a calming effect on thoughts and emotional excitation.

Pranayama balances your pranic channels which have a subtle effect on your brain activity. Practicing pranayama gives significant control over the brain. Your mind will develop one-pointedness and calmness which will increase the overall quality of your life.