Yoga Postures (Yoga Asanas) in Yoga Teacher Training Course


At Yoga Jeevan you will not only learn different postures for maintaining flexibility and increasing endurance but also for steadiness of intelligence and elevation of spirit.

Asana is a physical exercise which is practiced mindfully and which balances three doshas of the body. The specific yogic postures are to be held for a prolonged time and then released in a graceful manner.

You will start the session with simple preparatory exercises and then move toward more difficult poses.

Our instructors pay high degree of attention to alignment and precision while making difficult poses accessible with their ingenious approach.

You will practice physical and mental relaxation before starting postures and learn about different breath movements that are to be practiced with a specific movement. You will not only be adjusting your body but also your mind while doing asanas.

After finishing a posture you will practice a counter- posture to ease the pain experienced in different parts of the body.

By practicing postures you will experience strength, hardness and lightness in every part of your body which will give you a greater sense of freedom.

By constant practice of yogic postures, the breath will deepen and the body’s circulation and metabolism will improve.

Postures also purify the blood, regularize blood pressure, remove back pain and ease fatigue. With effort, concentration and the balance your conscious movements will generate an inner sense of peace.