MANTRA MEDITATION in Yoga Teacher Training Course


Mantra is a congenial and powerful object for meditation. The practice of mantra is common in all of the introspective cultures of the world.

At Yoga Jeevan you will learn the techniques to choose and employ mantra during meditation.

With the aid of mantra, you will easily override mental noise and get absorbed in its rhythmic nature which imitates rhythm of your breath and different vibrations of your body.

Mantras can be either a syllable or a phrase which acts as a distraction or emotion as well as can unfold deeper spiritual meaning.

Mantra can be either chanted loudly or whispered or even can be repeated in the mind. In a session of mantra meditation, you will engage in the repetition of words or phrases which hold spiritual significance for yourself.

The mantra meditation is completed when mantra recitation is also accompanied by mindful meditation.

Mantras have the potential of stimulating the vagus nerve and entrenching desired value in your mind with the help of its property of neuroplasticity.

Before starting the recitation you need to define an intention. After this, you can recite the mantra in a positive and relaxing manner with mindfulness of the breath.

Whenever your mind strays, your mantra becomes your refuse and it improves your ability to remain focused and in sync with yourself.

Mantra meditation is an effective tool for making transformative change in your personality.