Yoga Jeevan Rishikesh Yoga School


Yoga Jeevan: Yoga Retreats & Teacher Training.

Yoga Jeevan retreat aspires to give you a memorable and transformative experience of the contemplative Indian tradition of well-being known as Yoga. With us, you will get a chance to practice postures, meditation and relaxation by refreshing banks of river Ganga and panoramic view of mighty Himalayas. You will be introduced to advanced wellness and healing programs which will help you in developing a new mindset. Our retreats provide you a chance to escape from demands and stress of daily life and can become an opportunity to rejuvenate your creativity. With our teachers’ care, patience and guidance you will be able to reflect and reconnect with your mind, body and self. Our teachers deploy creative methods which are sure to revitalize your energy levels. The carefully planned schedule at our retreat will give you a wholesome experience and wider prospect. During your stay, you will enjoy the feeling of happiness by forming a bond with your group mates and will have free time to reflect over your motives and purposes in life. During a retreat in addition to learning different yoga and meditation technique, you will also get a chance to be in nature and be free from the outside distraction of the usual monotonous routine. Our retreats are affordable and are situated at idyllic settings which cater to needs of both beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners. Here you will realize that yoga is not just physical exercise but is as well as the practice of living mindful life which will teach you respect towards yourself as well as the nature. Join us to immerse in the ancient tradition of yoga by leaving all of your woes behind in the intimacy with nature.